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  • VuFind is a portal of discovery that combines the features of a metasearch (it searchs simultaneously on the different resources of the Library regardless of its format or location, even electronic), with a social OPAC that allows users to tag, rate, and enter reviews or comments.

  • When you carry out a search in different environments, you will be looking for:
  • At the library catalog (Papyrus): all the bibliographic funds of BUO and their locations. From any search, you will be able to connect to a personalized way with your reader number and password to make arrangements with the copies (see your loans and data, and, if you are an authorized reader, make reservations).
  • At the Institutional repository (RUO): all the Open Access digital productions of the university and open access resources of DIALNET.
  • At the link resolver(SFX): all the electronic publications subscribed by BUO, from where you can get to the full text (if you are connected within the university network). Also, open resources considered of academic interest.
  • At the Ebscohost platform: most of articles in the journals that the university has subscription.